Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I have an exam

- What's the matter?
- I'm very nervous. I have a difficult exam.
- You should study very much.
- I didn't study because I drunk cofee and I played computer games.
- You shouldn't drink coffe every night.
- But I like drinking cofee.
- When there is an exam?
- Is in a two days.
- You shouldn't drink fizzy drinks and alcohol and you should sleep.Can whit me that the comercial center?
- No , thanks , i should study .Good bye.
- You are welcome and yes , you should study . Bye .


  1. Hello, my name is Setes and I read your post and your problem. I think if you have a exam you should study more. You souldn´t play computer games and drik coffee because it is not good for you health and you can´t concetrate. If you have a difficult exam you should study very hard two days before this exam and after you could play computer games and drink coffe if you want.
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  2. Hello! I'm Déborah and I'm from IES Parque de Lisboa, in Alcorcón. I've read your blog and I think you should listen your friend and don't drink coffee in the night; you can drink it in the morning, or in the afternoon, but If you want study for your exam in two days, you must study all this afternoon, after lunch and you should sleep before the exam.
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  3. Hello!!I´m Erika.I will give you a advice.you should put you to study yet!!And for your next exam you should put you to study before that you see you stressful,you should study a bit each day for that when arrive your exam,you only have to revise it.And you shouldn ´t drink a coffee because will put you very nervous.
    A lots lucky!!
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  4. Hello! My name is Vanessa. I read your problem and I think that you should study everydays no more hours and sleep between eight and ten hours. Also, I think that you shouldn´t drink coffee for the night because it is bad and I shouldn´t play with computer games because you should study your exam because the exam is in two days. My blog is: http://englishinbrunete.blogspot.com/
    I see you!!
    Goodbyee :)

  5. Hi! Mi name is Mirella and I am from englishinbrunete.blogspot.com I´ve read your dialogue and I would want to tell you a recommendation. I think that if you have an exam in two days, you have got plenty of time for studying, but you shouldn´t spend time playing computer games and as your friend told you. You shouldn´t drink coffee, specially because you'll be nervous. I hope you pass your exam, good luck. Good bye.

  6. Hello! I am Sheila and I have just read your blog. I think that you should play less with computer videogames and don't drink coffe every night because it's bad for you. In conclusion, you should study more and concentrate in your studies.
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    Bye Bye :)

  7. Hello my name is Rebeca, and I have a blog too,the adress is www.englishinbrunete.blogspot.com
    I read the post and I thik that If you have an exam you should make a summay,If you make that I'm sure you pass the exam
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