Thursday, 24 November 2011

How the 'Pavement Picasso' does it.

As we are talking about this "pavement artist" in class, I thought you would like to watch this video in which we can see him at work. Enjoy!

And here you can find lots of videos of Julien Beever: Territorio Scuola.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mi favourite web cite is Amuto-Sekaii

It is a forum dedicated to anime and manga and is very well because you learn the good news of this world.

I like this forum because the people are all over the world, and everyone can publish an on stories, photos, drawings and anything you can think of the content of your favorite anime and manga.

The only thing I don´t like is that the chatis a global and that to perform any task on you must be registered.


My favourite magazine is Elle,because is a fashion magazine and i licked. I read magazine every months. This magazine have quizzes,reportages and gifts.

I like very much. This magazine is really cheap and big . I buy this magazine because is really very nice and the quizzes very funny.


my favourite website/magazine

My favourite magazine is la Cuore  , this magazine it has diferente sections , it's for example tolk abaut the famous , the sport , the wear ...
this magazine is famous whit all earth , 
I  like this magazine because i have information privileged whit the famous and me i have busybody.
I recomended this magazine because is very interesting , and entertaining ,  if you have bored , you will read this magazine .

Monday, 2 May 2011


I recommend this book because is very interesting. The story is about a romance between a teacher and a student. The story is very strong and hard. It makes that history it´s more attractive.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Job Interview

I was very nervous and doubtful. "If I'm not the best, if he doesn't like me". It's very important for my life, I need it. Nobody needs it more than I do. I bought a tea to relax me, and I was confident enough to go to the job interview.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Words of love

He went to see her since the accident. If she died, would die a part of his. Was there all afternoon, but she never woke. When he left, before he confessed his feelings, how much he loved her. Suddenly, she whispered something, "I love you too" She was awake again.

The tall girl

A girl named Lamyaa was very high and was always triste.Pero one day a witch said she should ask a wish and said he wanted to be low because the kids laughed at her and the witch was low and she was happy to because it was always low.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011



I didn`t like tea but i decided to accept her invitation. She was very old and she had always been very niced suddenly. I noticed the dogs . They were strangely quiet , like statues. The old lady smiled at me . When i relaized that i was part of the new collection.


The three little pigs built a house against the wolf the smaller the built of straw, the wolf collapsed and ran to the medium, the built of wood, collapsed and ran to the oldest, was the ready, built of bricks the wolf could not with the house and the pigs ran winning.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Favourite Book is "The Eight"

My favourite book is "The Eight" by Katherine Neville.

I recommend this book because is one of the most widely read novels in the world. The book combines history, such as chess of Charlemagne, the French Revolution (1779), famous personalities of the time, and fiction.The Eight is a book that is rich hidden history, mystery and esotericism all well combined, making each page of this book will leave wanting to read more and more.



Is a series of seven books written by L. J. Smith, which tells the story of two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon, and the beautiful girl, Elena must choose between them.
Books are The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, Dark Reunion, Nightfall, Shadow Souls and Midnight.

Has now made ​​a number of these books,

I recommend these books because they have all kinds of genres; intrigue, fantasy, action, and love. For me are the best books published.



My favourite book is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire because are the best book for me.This book belongs a saga.There is a sevent books.I recommend this book because is a really well history of magic. This book are very of thinking.The protagonist are very different,important and funny, in a differents moments.I loved the magic, but sometimes is very scary.But as in a all books not everyone is so good.

El circo de los extraños

My favourite book is el circo de los extraños
because is very exciting at mistery , when i see this book
i think don`t like ,
i recommed this book because  when you begin a read   you like this book  and get you the history , and you are vampire
this book written by : darren shan

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A chil of the bathroom.

There was a horrible Halloween in the Elm street. There, was a school. That school, was haunted, because a group of children make a strange conjure. The conjure consisted in left the child of the bathroom. The child of the bathroom was an acient studient of that school but died in the bathroom a lot of years ago. All the people that goes to the bathroom, return back scared and very nervously. The directo choice of the school had to close the school for all the life. That school was derrumbed, and later, they built a lot of flats.

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Gosht Black

One day in California, a boy went to a party.

When i went to the party, he saw a black shadow, he was a scared and ran home.

Two days leter found the boy dead.

That shadow was 'The Gosht Black'.

From that day all 25th september, the boy ghost

it appears to the people.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The wicht
One day carla went to the cinema with her friend . She saw  the wicht and casthel ,on the night she had fraitined.Two years later she went to village shevisited the casthel of the village , she thought the wicht is exactli of video , but suddely i had a noise is a wicht she sade ,
 une persons went to the casthel  she is horrible , she had 100 year old, she is smol ,
 she is the wicht she touch her. after two week carla she disapied ,
she is a mistake of carla she disapired?

Saturday, 5 March 2011


One day i was sleeping and listening one noise under the bed.Had four night don´t sleep. I decided look under the bed. I´m frightened very frightened. At the moment think that the strange noise listengin in the night not in the morning.I grabbed my arm and cought the mystery noise . Is a moster.....
Is my dog
The next day i decided to sleep .Ilisten the strange noise evry day and it was not my dog.... /?tag=halloween

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Legend of Anabel, an accident at church

Twenty years ago, in the church of Roll-Est, there was an accident, and the only girl died. Her name was Anabel, and she was a normal girl:

One day Anabel and her friends were to a church. She entered alone, was very scared. Outside of the church, the people screaming:
-Fire, the curch is burning.- and her friends, scared ran
Three days later was discovered to Anabel, but she was dead.

The legend says: the ghost of Anabel, back to life to avenge his friends, because they stood still, and it did not help.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Paula: I,m nervous.
Ingrid: Wat's he matter?
Paula: I'm very nervous.
Ingrid: Why?
Paula: Because I have a test tomorrow.
Ingrid: What your plobem?
Paula: I don't study the lessions.
Ingrid: You should study every day and you shouldn't wait at the day of exam.
Paula: I know, but I don't like study because is very boring.
Ingrid: Yes, but you should study for you future.
Paula: Ok thanks.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


-Hello what is your problem?
-My problem is I'm nervous because i have an exam
-And have not studied?
-No, I went to drink alcohol with my friends
-You shouldn't drink alcohol, you should studing
-Ok i will study, thank you very much
- of anything, beautiful
- Bye Lamyaa!
- Bye Edu! I love you!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


- Hello , Carlos what is your problem?
- Hi, my problem is i am nos very fit

- ohh, you should do is exercice is very healthy .
  do you like football?
- yes, but i have a problem, i don`t have time .
- ok , but you shouldn`t eat fast food , you should eat vegetables and fruit .
- I am ok , i can do this .
- By

I have an exam

- What's the matter?
- I'm very nervous. I have a difficult exam.
- You should study very much.
- I didn't study because I drunk cofee and I played computer games.
- You shouldn't drink coffe every night.
- But I like drinking cofee.
- When there is an exam?
- Is in a two days.
- You shouldn't drink fizzy drinks and alcohol and you should sleep.Can whit me that the comercial center?
- No , thanks , i should study .Good bye.
- You are welcome and yes , you should study . Bye .

Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy 199 birthday, Charles Dickens!!!

We mark today the 199 anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. In our class we have read (the whole group) the beginning of his novel A Tale of Two Cities.
Happy birthday! And happy reading to everybody!

From London to Dover
The first person in our story travelled on the coach from London to Dover in November 1775. The coach stopped at the top of Shooter's Hill to let the four horses breathe after the long climb. It was a dark night with a thick mist.
'Listen! the coach driver called to the guard.
'Yes,' the guard answered. 'A horse coming up behind us - fast!' And he held the first of his guns ready. When the sound was quite near, he called out, as loudly as he could: 'Ho, there! Stop! Or I'll shoot!'
They heard the rider stop his horse, and a man's voice called from the mist, 'Is that the Dover coach?'
'Why do you want to know?' answered the guard.
'I have to speak to a passenger, if it is.'
'What passenger?'
'Mr. Jarvis Lorry.'
'Stay where you are,' the guard called to the voice in the mist, 'because if I make a mistake, you won't be alive to tell me. Gentleman of the name of Lorry, answer.'
Mr. Lorry got down into the road.
'Who wants me? Is it Jerry Cruncher?'

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Quiz about Dickens.

What do you know about the famous writer Charles Dickens? Do you know where he was born? Who did he marry? Add comments with your questions and answers about Dickens, let's share our knowledge, any contribution is welcome!
You can find lots of questions and answers about Charles Dickens and his life here:

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Tomorrow start a school, and my crhistmas holidays heve been fantastic.
When school ended, the 3rd of December,that aftermoon, my family and I went to a hause in the mountains to celebrate Crhistmas Eve with the family on my father. It was very cold, but I hab a great time with muy cousins, and day 24, Santa came. Day 25, returned to my house, and day 31, New Year's Eve, came my mother's family, at midnight, we took the grapes and started the new year, and again strart the big party. the
6th of January, came the Three Kings, and the 10th, tomorrow, classes begin

Friday, 7 January 2011

Jingle Bells by B2K


My christmas holidays have been very funny.I love the christmas,because all the family remain united.The day twenty -four all the family dinner.Was prepared very food.The day twenty -five in the morning very christmas present surrounding the christmas trre.Santa claus had arrived.The day thirty -one my family wine my home ,for celebrate the new year 2011 .At twelve o'clock we take the grapes´twelve grapes.The day -five ,in the morning ,breakfast the “ROSCÓN DE REYES.we had to sleep soon because coming the “REYES MAGOS”.The day -six had very christmas present again.the day -sevent breakfast with Tania and talked of christmas.My christmas holidays have been fantastic and very interesting.Have not liked think in the children that can not enjoy your christmas holidays because they don´t have things ,family........because of it is good to donate toys and clthes for those who do not have anything.Merry christmas