Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy 199 birthday, Charles Dickens!!!

We mark today the 199 anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. In our class we have read (the whole group) the beginning of his novel A Tale of Two Cities.
Happy birthday! And happy reading to everybody!

From London to Dover
The first person in our story travelled on the coach from London to Dover in November 1775. The coach stopped at the top of Shooter's Hill to let the four horses breathe after the long climb. It was a dark night with a thick mist.
'Listen! the coach driver called to the guard.
'Yes,' the guard answered. 'A horse coming up behind us - fast!' And he held the first of his guns ready. When the sound was quite near, he called out, as loudly as he could: 'Ho, there! Stop! Or I'll shoot!'
They heard the rider stop his horse, and a man's voice called from the mist, 'Is that the Dover coach?'
'Why do you want to know?' answered the guard.
'I have to speak to a passenger, if it is.'
'What passenger?'
'Mr. Jarvis Lorry.'
'Stay where you are,' the guard called to the voice in the mist, 'because if I make a mistake, you won't be alive to tell me. Gentleman of the name of Lorry, answer.'
Mr. Lorry got down into the road.
'Who wants me? Is it Jerry Cruncher?'

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