Saturday, 25 February 2012

This Is Me, Valen

1: I dislike classical music.
2: I like dancing.
3: I hate Physics and Chemistry.
4: I love listening to music.
5: I don't mind being famous.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The chair of death love

February 14, 1929, had a beautiful woman sitting on a terrace of a restaurant, waiting for her beloved boyfriend, but time passed and did not arrive and so until dusk, then broke to mourn and cry and then fainting and started to bleed much and scared people shouted and were running and others calling police wing. When they saw I had the face grey and wrinkled, his mouth full of blood but had somewhat surprising is that the Chair was clean and intact.

people called this event as the Chair of death love. care where you feel because you can pass the same thing iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

This is Jay-z

he is singer of rap and hip hop
he is American
he is one of the rappers more large history
he has a team of the nba New Jersey Nets
is married to beyonce one of the cantastes more of the  world famous
he has lines of clothing, clubs, and record labels of a good reputation

This is Camarón de la isla


1- He loves singing flamenco.
2- He likes singing.
3- He doesn't mind dancing.
4- He dislikes hip-hop songs
5- He hates playing basketball.

This is Fernando Torres

1-. He loves playing football
2-. He likes playing with your child
3-. He dislikes leaving the Liverpool
4-. He hates the Real Madrid
5-. He doesn't mind be the best player

This is me, Arturo

i like watching jershey shore
i hate losing in the xbox 
i doesn ' t mind playing the computer
i loves listening  hip hop in my mp3
i dislikes going to school

This is me, Raúl.

1-. I like playing football
2-. I love watching TV
3-. I don´t mind reading
4-. I loves playing in the Ps3
5-. I likes going to the park

This is me. Jorge.

1. I hates the pop music.
2. I likes skate to the road.
3. I hates maths.
4. I love play computer games.
5. I doesn´t mind going to the cinema.

This is Chris Martin

He loves singing 
He likes U2
He doesn´t mind reviews
He hates poverty and hunger in the world 

This is Kurt Cobain!

1.  Kurt Cobain hates all people.
2.  Kurt Cobain hates the Guns ´n´ roses.
3.  Kurt Cobain loves rock music.
4.  Kurt Cobain loves the concept "rage and love"
5.  Kurt Cobain hates his wife.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo

1) He hates emocional games

2) He likes traveling 

3) He loves playing football

4) He doesn´t mind comments from journalist 

5) He dislikes lies 

This is Mikel Jordan

1º He likes playing baseball.
2º He loves playing basketball.
3º He hates waching TV.
4º He dosenn´t maid lisening to music.
5º He dislikes going to the cinema.

This is me, Cristopher

I loves Lady Gaga.
I like Jersey Shore.
I don't mind travelling.
I dislikes Katy Perry.
I hate Justtin Bieber.

This is, Adele

She is English singer-soungwriter
She sing soul, blues and jazz
She has won two Grammy awards 
She became interested in music through a concert of the school
In May 2006 she entered the school of arts BRIT school .

This is me, Aranza

My name is Aranza 
I like sing and dance
I doesn't like fish 
I hate studying 
I am very friendly and loving 
I love dance reggaeton, funky, pop and house.

Friday, 3 February 2012

This is me, Andrea

I love watching MTV
I like reading books
I don´t mind studing 
I dis like playing football
I hate´s Justin Bieber 

This is me.

My name is Ikram, i like chocolate.
My favourite singer is Justin Bieber.
I like to dance and be silly with my best friend.
I love to laught.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This is Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga likes travelling.
She hates singing Katy Perry.
She loves singing.
She dislikes Rock Music.
She doesn't mind whatever the say about her.

This is me, Daniela.

I like pop music,
I dislike miniskirts,
I love dancing,
I don´t mind football,
I hate books.