Sunday, 20 March 2011

A chil of the bathroom.

There was a horrible Halloween in the Elm street. There, was a school. That school, was haunted, because a group of children make a strange conjure. The conjure consisted in left the child of the bathroom. The child of the bathroom was an acient studient of that school but died in the bathroom a lot of years ago. All the people that goes to the bathroom, return back scared and very nervously. The directo choice of the school had to close the school for all the life. That school was derrumbed, and later, they built a lot of flats.

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Gosht Black

One day in California, a boy went to a party.

When i went to the party, he saw a black shadow, he was a scared and ran home.

Two days leter found the boy dead.

That shadow was 'The Gosht Black'.

From that day all 25th september, the boy ghost

it appears to the people.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The wicht
One day carla went to the cinema with her friend . She saw  the wicht and casthel ,on the night she had fraitined.Two years later she went to village shevisited the casthel of the village , she thought the wicht is exactli of video , but suddely i had a noise is a wicht she sade ,
 une persons went to the casthel  she is horrible , she had 100 year old, she is smol ,
 she is the wicht she touch her. after two week carla she disapied ,
she is a mistake of carla she disapired?

Saturday, 5 March 2011


One day i was sleeping and listening one noise under the bed.Had four night don´t sleep. I decided look under the bed. I´m frightened very frightened. At the moment think that the strange noise listengin in the night not in the morning.I grabbed my arm and cought the mystery noise . Is a moster.....
Is my dog
The next day i decided to sleep .Ilisten the strange noise evry day and it was not my dog.... /?tag=halloween

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Legend of Anabel, an accident at church

Twenty years ago, in the church of Roll-Est, there was an accident, and the only girl died. Her name was Anabel, and she was a normal girl:

One day Anabel and her friends were to a church. She entered alone, was very scared. Outside of the church, the people screaming:
-Fire, the curch is burning.- and her friends, scared ran
Three days later was discovered to Anabel, but she was dead.

The legend says: the ghost of Anabel, back to life to avenge his friends, because they stood still, and it did not help.