Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas begins at home when we put the Christmas tree, hung in all kinds of Christmas decorations, also hung garlands on the walls and birth. Gradually, you shop for Christmas Eve, when night we met with good neighbors and the family eats everything, lamb and seafood. We stayed up late talking and singing carols until they are 12 at night, and opened Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Christmas

I like Christmas, because it is a very special day. I'm very happy with my family. This Christmas, I ate meat, potatoes, salad, and chocolate with cake. The Christmas is very fantastic.
After the Christmas, I went to the center of Madrid with my cousin. This vacations very very great.
In New Year's Eve, my family and me ate turkey, potato salad and rice, my family were dancing. 
After we went shopping at ''Parque Sur'', I buy many things, then we ate in ''KFC'.
The next day, we went at ''Retiro'', I was having many photos with my family.
The three wise men brought me many presents. 
I love my vacations.

My Christmas.

This Christmas has been spent in part with my family and friends, I've had pretty good. I have cast several gifts and I really enjoyed it with my friends. I really liked this Christmas.

my Christmas

This Christmas I pass it very well with my family and with my friends playing, dancing and singing. They gave me many things. I believe that they have been some amazing Christmas.