Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mi favourite web cite is Amuto-Sekaii

It is a forum dedicated to anime and manga and is very well because you learn the good news of this world.

I like this forum because the people are all over the world, and everyone can publish an on stories, photos, drawings and anything you can think of the content of your favorite anime and manga.

The only thing I don´t like is that the chatis a global and that to perform any task on you must be registered.


My favourite magazine is Elle,because is a fashion magazine and i licked. I read magazine every months. This magazine have quizzes,reportages and gifts.

I like very much. This magazine is really cheap and big . I buy this magazine because is really very nice and the quizzes very funny.


my favourite website/magazine

My favourite magazine is la Cuore  , this magazine it has diferente sections , it's for example tolk abaut the famous , the sport , the wear ...
this magazine is famous whit all earth , 
I  like this magazine because i have information privileged whit the famous and me i have busybody.
I recomended this magazine because is very interesting , and entertaining ,  if you have bored , you will read this magazine .