Friday, 26 November 2010

The Linkin Park

The Linkin Park is music mixture of the hip hop, rap, heavy metal,
 music techno .
The persons  of the band:
-Chester benninton he was born  20 of may 1976 in  Arizona .
He is the singer of the band .
- Phoenix he was born 8 of February 1977 in play mouth.
He plays the guitar
- Brad nelson he was born 11 of February 1977. He plays the bass.
They start of band in 1996, brad nelson, phoenix,
Chester at fist mane is hybrid theory and later with the name is
 Linkin Park.In his first appearance at a club in Los Angeles shocked
the public. The Linkin Park have succeeded in creating a great hybrid theory,
fist CD which caused a sensation.
They are a good band.

The Ainara Lopez

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  1. that is a good group i like linkin park my favorite song is by myself